Place to Plug

A platform that connects electric vehicle drivers with charging points.

The start-up

Place to Plug is a software company that offers an online platform and a mobile app that locates and connects electric vehicle drivers with charging points, or hosts (businesses, institutions or individuals) that have sockets available to charge their electric vehicle.

The need

‘Range anxiety’ is a major concern among drivers of electric vehicles. A map indicating charging points may not be enough to reassure drivers who are running low as charging points within range may be out of order, or a specific card may be needed for the vehicle to charge.

The solution

Place to Plug consists of a platform that enables electric vehicle drivers to know the status of specific charging points’ and enables them to activate such points from their smartphone. Users will also be able to book the charging points.

Value proposition

  • With Place to Plug, electric vehicle (EV) drivers pay a subscription that will add them to an exclusive EV club. This enables them to activate all charging points included on the platform. Users also pay a fee for each charging point booking. This cost can be assumed by the host in certain cases (if the host is a business or institution, for example).
  • It offers EV drivers the possibility of checking a charging point’s status, activating it from their smartphone and booking a charging point at a specified date and time, which will ensure that the user will be able to charge then, and not find anyone occupying that space. EV drivers are usually willing to pay for this service.

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  • Av. Prat de la Riba 6, 9-1. 43001 Tarragona, Spain.

The Team


Josep Cester

Josep is a sustainability enthusiast. He has experience in managing teams and in innovation and technology development, and he has been trained in business creation and acceleration skills.



Marc Ruiz

Marc is a committed, creative-thinking software engineer. He founded his first venture at 15 and has had met with great success in his projects as an entrepreneur.


David passion is environmentally friendly technology. He holds an MBA and a Master in Security in Information and Communication Technologies. Place to Plug is the third company he has founded.