The company’s business idea is to exchange freight carriage and cargo space online, making a contract of carriage between dealers, private customers and carriers possible. Our platform Pamyra calculates suitable tours depending on size and quantity of freight, location of the sender and the destination. Customers advertise their consignment and receive offers from carriers.


The need

Every year some 2.9 billion tonnes of cargo are transported throughout Germany. Approximately 40,000 lorries travel through Germany every day and only half of them are fully loaded. That has a negative effect on traffic density, the environment and the margin of haulage companies.

The solution

Haulage companies advertise their deadweight capacity on routes and state the length of detours they are willing to accept. After a search request the platform calculates the lorries (trucks) with the shortest detour and displays it to the customer.


Value proposition

Haulage companies can fill their vehicles to capacity. Customers may find suitable transportation for their cargo within minutes, and without the need to register. Our standardised prices prevent predatory ‘price dumping’ and spare customers comparative offers. Journeys with the least detours are those offered as most advantageous to the customer.

The team


Köhler , Christine
Position: CFO, Sales, Service
Background: Educated Shipping clerk

Wiegand, Felix
Position: CEO, Project management, Development
Background: Software development and Project management in eCommerce

Qual, Steven
Position: Webdesign, Frontend -development, SEO, Head of Marketing
Background: many years of experience in eCommerce

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