The Venture

OpenDomo provides solutions to improve efficiency within facilities. OpenDomo helps you understand your energy use and makes it easier to consume only what is needed. You can centrally monitor the consumption of various resources (electricity, water, gas…) and remotely control the facility for maximum comfort at minimum cost.

The Need

Companies need to implement affordable energy efficiency measures in order to reduce their electrical consumption. They also need to be able to manage any appliance remotely in order to optimise their consumption. Consumers want to understand why they pay what they pay and so learn how to reduce their energy bills.

The Solution

OpenDomo offers energy monitoring and facility automatisation solutions to improve the energy efficiency of corporate, commercial, public and industrial buildings. OpenDomo helps consumers understand where energy is being consumed, limiting consumption to where it is needed. OpenDomo has developed intelligent systems that learn from users’ behaviours in order to deliver energy savings, comfort and security.

Value Proposition

OpenDomo offers the most complete energy management platform on the market, offering not only the efficient management of information, but also of the control of the facilities and consumption. Its interoperability enables it to be used with other producers’ equipment, making it a more flexible solution, adaptable to each customer’s needs. Measuring is the first step to detecting inefficiencies, but in order to eradicate them, they need to be controlled.

The Team

Elisabet Cuenca

Co-founder and CEO

Degree in business from the Open University of Catalonia (Spain). Elisabet has worked as CFO for a junior company based in Barcelona. Afterwards, she worked for six years as a bank branch manager, leading her team to the first ranking in the branch. Online Profile


Daniel Lerch

Co-founder and CTO

Degree in science computer engineering, Master in science open source software, Master in science information security and PhD candidate in steganalysis from the Open University of Catalonia (Spain). Daniel has worked for eight years as a CTO in a telephone company. Online Profile


Isidre Catalán

Co-founder and system manager

Degree in computer science from Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge (UK). Isidre has worked for several years as a software engineer for different international ICT companies, contributing to the Galileo project, an initiative created by the European Union (EU) and the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop Europe’s own global navigation satellite system. Online Profile


OPENDOMO_oriolOriol Palenzuela

Co-founder and community manager

Degree in science computer engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain). Oriol has worked in different software development projects in large ICT companies for nine years, contributing to the Galileo project. During the last two years he worked freelance in Finland. Online Profile


OPENDOMO_jofreJofre Díaz

Co-Founder and hardware development manager

Degree in telecommunications and electronics from the Open Univerisity of Catalonia (Spain). Jofre has worked for six years as a technician in electro-medical systems. Additionally, he has extensive experience in hardware design and prototyping. Online Profile