The most viable solutions for the intelligent energy management of housing.

OGGA designs, develops (fabless) and markets a range of innovative solutions for the intelligent energy optimisation of housing. OGGA aims to revolutionise energy management in homes and to become a key player in the new house building and renovation sector. With ‘Eco-Touch’ it offers an intelligent product that is both easy to use and install.

The need

The cost of energy in homes is continually increasing and home automation solutions for the management of energy are too expensive for property developers. Additionally, the building need to be smart with scalable and open solution.

The solution

OGGA_ECO-TOUCH-afficheECO TOUCH optimises energy consumption automatically and in doing so saves energy, by:

  • controlling a heating system based on the specific habits of residents
  • switching off standbys and lighting during absences
  • monitoring and displaying the energy consumption of homes



Additionally, Eco Touch makes the housing ready to service for adding service like smart building, and service to the facility management.

The value proposition

OGGA_ECO-TOUCH-ModuleA connected solution (thermostat, energy meter and circuit breaker) that is:

  • Easy to use (self-learning, optimising heating in real time).
  • Easy to install (no configuration, no programing).
  • Saves energy (reduced rental charges).
  • Adopts a first level of home automation that is available to all.

ECO TOUCH allows developers to meet RT2012 standards while offering smart connected homes and respecting the requirement of cost control.

The team


Stéphane GAGNAT, Chairman and Technical Director

Electronic Engineer – Schlumberger group – Founder of Agath company.




Laurent OGER, Administration and Finance

Medical Doctor – Biomnis laboratory – Business unit manager and international manager.





Software Engineer – 15 years experience in embedded software (Linux).





Vincent ROUSSEAU, Communications & Marketing

15 years experience in the design/ergonomics of innovative products and management of corporate communication.

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