The start-up

Nnergix helps energy traders, grid/market operators, self-consumption owners and plant managers integrate renewable energy production in the power grid, offering diverse and accurate forecast solutions using big data from the industry. Nnergix’s cutting-edge technology combines satellite weather data and energy production values, providing customised solutions and specific monitoring designed for energy integration purposes. Everything is available online and worldwide.

The need

Due to the complexity of renewable energy resources and its dependence on changeable weather conditions, companies need to predict their energy production in order to integrate it correctly and efficiently, while reducing economic costs.

The solution

Nnergix provides cloud-based software as a tool that easily integrates and displays key information from the electricity market. Our solution allows us to forecast short-term availability of solar and wind power production and monitoring, creating essential information for self-consumption, electricity grid and supply management.

Value proposition

  • High accuracy forecasts and customisation.
  • Monitoring solutions designed especially for electricity grid integration purposes.
  • Accuracy and imbalance penalties follow-up through monitoring and web-based tools.
  • Variable billing depending on accuracy.

The Team

Ramon-Molera-Nnergix-smallRamon Molera

Co-founder and CEO

Degree in industrial engineering from the Chemical Institute of Sarrià (Spain), specialising in energy. Ramon has managed all technical and financial analysis of renewable energy sources projects from the Barcelona and Beijing offices at Engy. In addition, he was responsible of renewable resource analysis in areas without power grid access in the Southeast Asian region at Finland Futures Research Centre. Online Profile


Joan-Miquel-Angle¦Çs-Nnergix1-smallJoan Miquel Anglès

Co-founder and CTO

Degree in industrial engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain), specialising in energy. Joan Miquel has a strong background in solar photovoltaic and wind power technical consultancy. He has been involved in international projects as a technician, responsible for covering the early stages of operational phases. He possesses in-depth knowledge of technical design for both solar and wind power technologies. Online Profile


Jordi-Vidal-Nnergix-1-smallJordi Vidal de Llobatera

Co-founder and product developer

Degree in physics from the University of Barcelona, and Master in energy engineering from the UB and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain). Jordi has extensive experience as a wind energy consultant. Moreover, he has experience at the electronic engineering department at UPC (Spain), developing software for measuring the spectral response of photovoltaic cells. Online Profile


Albert Comellas

Technical analyst

Degree in industrial engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain), specialising in energy. Albert has wide experience in statistics, data processing and data mining. He has also worked in artificial intelligence, predicting models for solar photovoltaic cells. Online Profile