NAWA Technologies

NAWA Technologies is developing an ultra-fast, long life green battery to complement and/or replace batteries in applications where dynamic electricity storage is privileged. We have developed and are industrialising a new material with outstanding properties that allows for the design of electricity storage systems with 3 to 5 times more energy than existing products.

The need

Today’s batteries are reaching their limits in terms of life cycle, security and environmental impact. The need for cleaner, safer, reliable and longer life storage systems is critical in applications where one wishes to privilege usage, (speedy recharging), over autonomy.

The solution

nawa1Our cells, modules and systems will help increase uninterrupted power supply reliability in data centres, making renewables short-term production more predictive and lowering the cost for short distance transportation electrical vehicles, such as e-buses, e-ferries and trams, as well as for any future connected mobile usage.

The value proposition

Our value proposition comes from two breakthroughs: first in the material itself and the way it can be produced on a mass level at low cost, and as a consequence, the performance and cost of our ultra-fast storage system, equivalent in terms of energy density to a lead acid battery but with all the advantages of an ultracapacitor, and compatible with a cost objective desirable in today’s market (about 250-1000€ by W⋅h).

The team

Pascal Boulanger- Nawa Technologies

Co-founder and CEO

Pascal has been researcher for 20 years in several energy domains and nanotechnologies and technology transfers.

Ludovic Eveillard-Nawa TechnologiesDr. Ludovic EVEILLARD
Co-founder and VP Sales and Marketing

Ludovic has occupied many positions in small as well as large companies dedicated to business development and marketing.

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Case Study

Read and download our case study on NAWATechnologies : VituousPower and energy



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