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MarCelLi Adv Tech Ltd. activities focus on research and development of advanced technologies and products for energy storage applications. Our first product is an innovative technology of manufacturing C/nano-LiFePO4 (C/nano-LFP) nanocomposite cathode material for Li-ion batteries (LiB). The process of C/nano-LFP nanocomposite formation is cheap, scalable and versatile “green” nanotechnology that provides high performance cathode material for the safe premium class Li-ion batteries.

The need

Current lithium lion batteries can be inefficient when used for more demanding applications, such as electric vehicles (EV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for renewable energy solutions and smart grids. The market requires better performance, cheaper, safer and environmental-friendly solutions to meet a growing demand.

The solution

The MarCelLi’s technology offers new C/nano-LFP nanocomposite high performance cathode material with superior safety and an increased capacity and capacity retention even under high power application and with a reduced environmental impact. C/nano-LFP nanocomposite is produced in water mediated “zero” emission scalable “green” process. The carbon nanocoating provides special “electrical wiring” what significantly enhances electrical conductivity of the nanocomposite and improves heat dissipation. Moreover, its unique pore structure assures optimal lithium ions permeability.

Value proposition

Wide use of Li-ion batteries with cathodes made of the C/nano-LFP material will result in decreased cost and improved efficiency of the batteries, which will finally contribute to lower prices and wider accessibility of products, such as ESS and EV. This solution is designed to increase user safety and decrease environmental impact, thanks to its non-polluting components.

The team

Marcin Molenda, PhD
Assistant Professor at Faculty of Chemistry at the Jagiellonina University, specialist in chemistry and technology of materials and nanotechnology, co-author of 64 publictions and 7 patents.

Joanna Świder, MSc
Member of the Board
PhD student at Faculty of Chemistry at the Jagiellonian University, specialist in chemistry and materials science.


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