Supported start-ups

InnoEnergy, through the Highway® and Boostway services, supports the following start-ups:


Altris produces a high energy density cathode material for rechargeable batteries via a low-cost production method using only abundant elements. The material is a drop-in...

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Cascade Drives

Cascade Drives has developed electromechanical linear drives that use a compact and efficient cascade gearbox to provide high performance linear motion. Linear motion is a...

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Expektra logo


Expektra develops innovative information solutions that improves the physical electricity trading by optimizing the matching of supply and demand, resulting in more efficient energy systems...

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Ferroamp has developed the EnergyHub system, comprising products for integrating solar cells, energy storage and electric vehicle-charging in a local DC nanogrid within a building....

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Flue Gas Recovery Sweden

Flue Gas Recovery Sweden AB offers a unique technical solution for recovering energy from exhaust gases by reusing waste energy – the Energy Turbo FGR®....

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Foreseeti are forerunners in cyber security architecture management, empowering companies to proactively manage their cyber security using state-of-the-art technology. Foreseeti’s flagship product, securiCAD, is the...

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