Leunamme Technology


Inkoala-torre-entera-con-wellnovative equipment for exchanging the main components of wind turbine generators without the need of a crane. 


The start-up

Leunamme Technology is developing a commercial product registered as the Koalalifter. Koalalifter is equipment that enables the exchange of blades and generators in wind turbine generators (WTG) of over 1MW, onshore and offshore, without the need of a high tonnage crane. The robust Koalalifter hugs the tower of the WTG to provide highly reliable and safe operative value during the whole procedure. Koalalifter can operate in winds of up to 12 m/s, reducing the WTG downtime.

In addition to avoiding using a high tonnage crane, Koalalifter can travel together with the blade transportation and can be operated by 4 operators, reducing the cost of the corrective procedure drastically.

The need

For costs to be reduced and production to increase, there is a need to provide an alternative solution to high tonnage cranes used for the exchange of large components in WTG. The problem with using cranes is their limited availability, their restrictions when it comes to operating in winds of over 6-7 m/s for such loads, as well as their huge asset cost.

The solution

A disruptive lifting device that uses the strength of the tower as its support.

Target market

The venture targets crane operators and wind farm maintainer sectors worldwide.

Value proposition

The Koalalifter is a significantly more economical solution than using high tonnage cranes. It also offers the advantage of being operational in 5 m/s stronger winds.

Competitive advantage

  • The Koalalifter is capable of operating at higher wind speeds than the competition (cranes and other cable systems).
  • It shares the same transportation as the wind turbine component to be replaced.
  • If offers labour cost reduction, as only 5 people are required to operate it.
  • Turbine downtime is reduced as the replacement procedure requires less time and can be achieved with higher wind speeds.


  • egpena@koalalifter.com
  • Rio Urbi, 53, 31620 Gorraiz (Navarre) Spain

The Team

Retrato carnet EGPEmmanuel García de la Peña. CEO Company head

Industrial engineer with Master in Industrial Organisation from the University of Navarre. Master in Business Administration at IESE. 15 years experience in the car industry working for GM under Opel and Saab brands in Spain and Sweden, in the position of Worldwide Quality Director at Saab. 7 years experience in the wind industry working for Gamesa in USA and Spain, last position Global Director for the reconditioning of major components, 8 plants reporting.