Lancey Energy Storage

A space heater with a connected battery designed for smart building energy management

Lancey Energy Storage has developed a plug and play space heater, integrating a lithium battery. The patented architecture saves up to 50% on energy bills, storing electricity when it’s cheap and consuming it when the user needs it most. Easy to install, compatible with demand-response policies and fully controllable via a specific app, the space heater, by Lancey Energy Storage, is the smartest way to store energy, offering significant energy savings.

The need

More than 150 million first generation space heaters are still used worldwide, despite their being subject to significant energy loss and electricity grid constraints. The electric heating system is expensive to upgrade, particularly when using gas; a new system and new fluid network can amount to some 20k€ extra cost.

The solution

The space heater developed by Lancey Energy Storage is plug and play, and its installation is 75% less expensive than a gas heating system. Customer-friendly, the elegantly designed heater with an integrated battery can save up to 50% on energy bills.


The value proposition

Lancey Energy Storage has developed a patented device for building owners, enabling them to upgrade their energy facilities at a limited cost but with high value for customers. With its integrated battery and sensors, Lancey’s connected space heater allows building proprietors to receive value from demand-response policies, while also monitoring and controlling energy usage in their buildings with an increased degree of precision.

The team

team_meyerMeyer Raphaël
PhD in physics (thesis in photovoltaics) that followed an MA at EPFL. Following his thesis, he patented the architecture and the principle of the heater he had proposed. He then co-founded Lancey ES as a CEO.


team_moreauMoreau Gilles
An expert in electrochemistry, he has worked for more than 13 years in the field of energy storage – battery, fuel cells, etc as a project manager in different companies, including CEA, 3M and Renault. He co-founded Lancey.


team_oryOry Hervé
Hervé has a Master in Engineering at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (1985) and a Master in Finance at ESSEC (1988). He has founded and developed several business (OPTIM, traceability in hospitals…) before co-founding Lancey ES.


photo-pierreSchefler Pierre
Product development
After a signal processing engineering degree, he began work in the start-up environment and aquired skills in electronics, embedded programming, high level programming, machine learning and entrepreneurship.

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