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JES Energia Ltd. is a consulting company that deals with energy trading, fuel trading and consulting, offering professional advice in this field of the energy sector. The company offers its customers consulting and advice aimed at integrating distributed renewable energy sources with the public network, as well as optimisation of energy consumption and cost and improvement in energy quality.

The need

Power quality measurement instruments are in common use among power transmission and distribution companies, as well as some energy users. However, services related to calibration and certification of such instruments is uncommon, especially for more complex power quality parameters. Additionally, calibration for some parameters is only provided by an instrument producer, rather than an independent laboratory.

The solution

JES Energy is offering solutions that enable the integration of distributed energy sources with the utility network, optimisation of the energy consumption and cost, and improvement in the supply of energy. It serves primarily the domestic Polish market yet, given the fact that the use of renewable energy in Central and Eastern Europe will increase in the coming years, the company plans to expand into Ukraine and other countries in this region.

Value proposition

The company´s activities have a great impact on environmental concerns by increasing ecological awareness, increasing efficiency of energy usage by managing surplus energy and ensuring a steady supply, increasing the production capacity of enterprises, increasing the number of infrastructure projects, providing jobs and increasing sales.

The team

Henryk Krawiec
M.Sc at Department of Electrical Machines of AGH University of Science and Technology.
Many years of experience in the field of automation systems drives and power electronics.

Prof. Andrzej Bien
PhD DSc at AGH University of Science and Technology. Mainly deals with measurement systems using high-speed digital signal processors and applications related to electricity and its quality.


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