IOT network for distributed energy management and storage.

The start-up

Ionseed is a high performance Internet Of Things (IOT) infrastructure for distributed energy management and storage enabling disruptive new concepts that will dominate the energy market in the next decade, such as Reactive Energy Management, Distributed Energy Storage and Virtual Power Plants.


The need

Renewable energy production is characterized by a variable power output, with energy being produced at times when the end-user may not need it. This out-of-phase demand and supply behavior poses control problems and stress on energy grids and generates a lot of inefficiencies.

The solution

With IONSEED energy providers decide when, where, how much and what energy type is used by the consumer. This is done by defining energy management rules targeting energy storage devices in an IOT platform that communicates with proprietary hardware embedded in several consumer products.

Value proposition

Enable service and energy providers to reduce costs and increase revenues, develop new products and add more value to clients. Manufacturers transform a traditional passive device (ex. hot water vessel) into a cutting-edge reactive appliance that is able to interact with different players in the value chain. End-users benefit through more information, better maintenance services and a reduction of their energy bill.


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  • Address: Rua Luis Braille n19 4D, 2410-371, Leiria, Portugal

The Team

Joao_Pinto_IonseedJoao Pinto – CEO

Mechanical Engineer. He has created successful enterprises in health and R&D. He has also worked in renown companies in the thermal and aerodynamics fields.



Pedro_Pinto_IonseedPedro Pinto – CEO

Computer Engineer and technology visionary. He has worked in renown multi-national companies in the IT and telecommunications sector.