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InTherSoft proposes a new measurement technique for industrial plants. The system proposes a new method for determining the transient temperature of flowing fluid. It improves significantly on classical thermometers that indicate the temperature of the medium with a large dynamic error. InTherSoft delivers a product ideally suited for harsh environments, particularly for measurements at high pressures and temperatures, and for high temperature gases flowing at high and low pressures.

The need

Many of the components of power plants (Boiler drums, superheater headers, pipeline junctions, valve housings) are critical pressure components. The life of the pressure components can be significantly reduced if heating or cooling rates are too high. The control of these stresses is not easy due to technical difficulties in the tensometer placement. To calculate the stresses on critical pressure components, an accurate system for fluid temperature measurement is indispensable.

The solution

InTherSoft proposes a sensor adapted to the type of flowing fluid. The temperature measurement is based on our own unique method of online determining of the fluid temperature, on the basis of the temperature measured at the centre of a cylindrical probe and the measured fluid velocity. The dynamic temperature measurement error is significantly reduced when compared to conventional thermometers used in the industry.

Value proposition

Proposed system for transient temperature monitoring with a low thermal inertia will allow power, petroleum and chemical plant operators to solve the following problems:
• Elimination of metal overheating in boilers, pipelines, turbine components and other pressure installations.
• Superheated steam temperature control will be significantly improved.
• Optimisation of the heating and cooling processes of the thick wall pressure elements can be monitored. The optimum temperature changes are determined from the condition, which states that the maximum and the allowable stresses at the edge of the opening should be equal.
• Faster and safer start-ups, shut downs, and load changes of the power plant units.
• Lifetime extension of pressure elements in industrial installations.

The team

Jan Taler
Professor of Mechanical at Cracow University of Technology.
Author over 300 papers and 3 books in heat transfer. Research area: heat transfer, inverse heat transfer problems, dynamics of large steam boilers and thermal stresses.

Adam Sury
An expert in dedicated computer information systems, expert systems and production control systems, co-author of numerous research project and deployments.

Marek Wojtas
Deputy CEO
Designer and contractor in the field of computer systems, automation, control, security and management of production processes in various industries including the mining industry and aviation; project manager, co-author of several publications.


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