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Infinite Fuels is developing a technology for the regenerative production of hydrocarbons which are chemically identical to those of mineral oil. After an upscaling of the Infinite Fuels process combination to the size of industrial production, Infinite Fuels is going to plan, build an operate such facilities. By using its unique process combination, the company will establish sustainable raw material cycles in various industries worldwide.

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Concept of Infinite Fuels

The need

There is a lack of energy storage for the growing number of fluctuating renewable energy sources. No other technology can deliver bio-based fuels in such an efficient way and in substantial quantities. Beside the fuels there is also an increasing demand of bio-based chemicals and raw materials that used to be derived from petroleum.

The solution

Infinite Fuels combines biomass or bio-waste with electricity to produce hydrocarbons like industrial gases, solvents and liquid fuels in the boiling range of gasoline, kerosene or diesel.

Production of Hydrocarbon_Infinite Fuels


Another application is the conversion of fluctuating wind and solar power (1000 – 2200 full load hours per year) into stable base load power with 8000 full load hours per year.

Energy storage_Infinite Fuels

Value proposition

The Infinite Fuels technology has been tested by an independent institute with the following results:

  • turnover rate: > 98%
  • material yields 87.5%
  • current efficiency 84%
  • selectivity 89%

The mild reaction conditions simplify the plant construction and approval procedures. More organic raw materials can be processed compared with competing technologies. The wide range of products with separate marketing opportunities gives a very good control over economic plant operation.

The team

Matthias Mueller (MBA)
Mr. Mueller has a longstanding experience in business development, and was responsible for international projects in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and Germany.

Walter Vanselow, Engineer
VP Technology
Mr. Vanselow has many years of experience in engineering and construction of conventional and renewable energy systems with a focus on biomass and the use of waste as well as energy and power plant technology.

Andreas Noky, Engineer
VP Operations & Market Analysis
Mr. Noky is a specialist in energy storage for renewable energies. In his previous employment, he was responsible for the construction of electrolysis plants for regenerative hydrogen production.

Christian Lohaus, Engineer
Pilotplant operations
Mr. Lohaus works on the development and implementation of biotechnological methods for storing and converting electricity into renewable raw materials and fuels.


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