Sustainable biofuel and bioenergy from municipal solid waste.

The start-up

PERSEO Bioethanol® Technology has developed a completely innovative urban solid waste valorisation treatment that obtains two commercial high value products for energy use: second generation bioethanol for fuel vehicle uses, and a high calorific value solid organic fuel capable of producing heat and electricity by cogeneration. PERSEO Bioethanol® demonstration plant, located in L’Alcúdia (Valencia, Spain), has a processing capacity in wfermentation of up to 25 tons / day of organic fraction of municipal solid waste.


The need

Biowaste treatment is a big issue in Europe where there is a demand for a sustainable and competitive waste treatment process (Directive 2008/98/EC). The demand for sustainable biofuels is increasing (Directive 2009/28/EC). The demand for processes that reduce GHG emissions (flagship initiative SET-Plan).

The solution

PERSEO Bioethanol® has developed a biotechnological process that applies in the field of MSW management and impacts directly the production of biofuels, with a reduction of GHG. The business model is based on the development of tailor made projects for each client: from design to building up.

Value proposition

PERSEO Bioethanol® has developed a process that is feasible, replicable and profitable:

  • Development of a simple biotechnological process with good yields of bioethanol conversion.
  • Process proven at semi-industrial scale: optimisation and improvement to obtain a feasible and profitable process.
  • Biorefinery concept development.
  • Solving sorting problems in order to guarantee a stable process.
  • Better economical results than current WT technologies.


The Team

img004Caterina Coll Lozano. Chief Operating Officer

Chemical engineer. Executive MBA by Business & Marketing School ESIC. Master degree in environment. Stay in the Institute of Technology Sligo (Ireland) and on the Biomass Unit of CIEMAT. Professional experience of over 15 years in process engineering and environment, mainly  developed in CEAM (Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterraneo) as Head of laboratory and environmental projects, and in IMECAL as innovation Project manager. She has coordinated and participated in several projects at national and international scale and performed scientific and technical publications in various journals, books and conference contributions.


DSC_0035Vicent Signes Núñez. R & D Manager

Mechanical Engineer. MBA from INSEAD Fontainebleau and different Master degrees in business. He has 40 years of experience in development and implementation new management systems and process control. His professional career has been developed basically in Ford Motor Co., Power Train Operations and Transmissions Operations, with Management positions in Process Engineering and Plant Engineering. Since 2003 he moved to IMECAL as a consequence of PERSEO Project.