An online home configurator, with sustainable catalogue and Revit-connection.

The start-up

iBUILD provides an online home configurator, called iBUILD.Home. It is a software that connects the building design model (Revit), containing all the possible options of a house, to an online 3D environment. This way the buyer of a house can configure and personalize their new home. They can have a realistic and real-time experience, and can see their new home from different perspectives in 3D (in and outside and on every floor). The Revit model of every unique house is made available to the developer immediately in the communication platform iBUILD.Connect, after the buyer finishes the configuring. iBUILD also provides a catalogue, the iBUILD.Store, which contains mostly interior products. Suppliers offer their products, and the possible buyer can choose these products to place in their new home. iBUILD.Green, which is the sustainable catalogue, contains products of suppliers that will make a house more energy efficient.

The need

Mass customization is expensive and limited in the housing industry. iBUILD makes sure that the process is more cost-effective for the project developer. Also, the buyer of a house gets the possibility to experience and personalize their new home.

The solution

iBuildGreen 3D simulation

iBuildGreen 3D simulation

iBUILD presents a range of products and services to connect everyone in the building process. The configurator contains a full Revit-connection. The choices customers make are send back to Revit so that a complete Revit Model, with all the chosen options, is available. The buyer of a house can choose many possibilities, inside and outside of his new house, also sustainable options.

Value proposition

iBuildGreen integrates all the actors involved in the construction of an energy efficient building thanks to the core benefits of its simulation solution:

  • The buyer can personalize his new home, online in 3
  • A full Revit-connection
  • Green catalogue for a sustainable house
  • A few days needed to get a project online and available


Energy Business Park (building H02)
Utrechtseweg 310
6812 AR Arnhem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)26 352 30 00


The Team

iBuildGreen Jan van den Brink

Jan van den Brink, CEO

Sc. Architecture and City Planning. Delft University, 1979. An experienced entrepreneur with his own architectural office for 20+ years.