Machinery for industrial cooling, climate and heating, using natural gas as a primary energy

Machinery for industrial cooling, climate and heating using natural gas as a primary energy.

The Venture

Ibertherm designs and produces efficient machinery for industrial air conditioning, heating, hot water and refrigeration using Natural Gas as a primary energy. All our equipment allows for heat recovery from our natural gas engines to produce heating and hot water at 65 ºC, while also producing the other industrial processes. Ibertherm equipment reduces the final economic cost and also reduces the harmful environmental emissions of our clients.

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The Need

Ibertherm reduces the amount of energy (such as electricity or natural gas) that many companies need to produce industrial air conditioning, heating, hot water and refrigeration. Ibertherm also reduces the final economic cost that arises from such production.

The Solution

We unite and produce air conditioning, heating, hot water and refrigeration in one technology, using cheaper energy such natural gas as a primary energy and always getting heat recovery from our engines to produce heating and hot water at 65 ºC while also producing other processes.

Value Proposition

Compared to our main competitors we are more efficient, producing savings on the economic cost on production of air conditioning, heating, hot water and refrigeration and also producing savings on the economic cost on electric power term. Our products are tailor fitted and adjusted to our customers and always use heat recovery from our engines; that means savings on the demand on primary energy and reducing the CO2 and SO2 emissions.


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The Team


Interested on implementation and application of technological and ecologic issues. Specialist in the industrial sector, with over 8 years spent researching and implementing energy efficiency systems to reduce costs and emissions.



janJAN PUIG.  

Interested on the energy problems of today’s society. Architect with over 10 years in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and cities. Product design. Green Building  experience and LEED certifications.