Hydrogen is considered as an excellent synthetic energy vector, but until now storing it has involved major technical constraints that have slowed its widespread use. Thanks to its unique liquid vector, HySiLabs can benefit from hydrogen’s energy advantages with no storage issues by producing gas on demand.

The need

Hydrogen (H2) has always fascinated scientists who have sought to use its properties in order to create the ideal energy vector. Thanks to fuel cell technology, H2 can be used to generate electricity. It is also possible to produce H2 from water using electricity – while theses technologies are now mature, storing H2 continues to pose major problems. Alternatives have been developed but safety issues and the high cost of storage and transportation remain.

The technology proposed by HySiLabs is based on a patented chemical reaction that releases huge amounts of hydrogen through the combination of just two liquids. This solution maintains the advantages of an energy-dense hydrogen vector and adds the following aspects:

  • Safety: avoiding the need to store explosive gas by producing it on demand and as needed
  • Transportable: similar to the liquid transportation and storing logistic
  • Easy to use: liquids can be stored at room temperature and atmospheric pressure

The value proposition

Thanks to its highly specialized know-how on the Hydrogen Generation Unit – which controls the chemical reaction and produces hydrogen on demand – the company proposes to hydrogen market players integration solutions of its value creating and commercially differentiating technology.

The team

Pierre-Emmanuel Casanova

Dual Master’s degree in sustainable development and Innovation Management,
Business developer/Marketing strategic engineer at Cisbio and I-stem



Vincent Lôme
PhD in Biotechnologies
Specialist robotization and automatisation at Bacsreen platform

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