Novel Low cost and convenient compressed Natural Gas Home Refuleing Station

HYGEN brings to life a novel refueling solution for our cars in the form of home refueling station for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) and Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREV).The technology developed by HYGEN enables disruptive 8 times decrease of refueling infrastructure costs allowing it to match the price point of less than 0,20 EUR/liter equivalent (EU) or 0,75$/ gasoline galon equivalent (USA). The concept of home based refueling allows effective exploitation of natural gas distribution grid in developing the largest alternative vehicle refueling infrastructure on Earth. By solving the chicken and egg problem of lack of refueling infrastructure in cost effective and convenient way we become an enabler for NGVs and EREVs to flurish and become a major competitor for conventional fuel cars.

The need

The transportation industry has no real alternative to the oil-based fuel in the private sector.  Although natural gas can be both cleaner and cheaper option, it still is far from being adopted by the end-user due to the lack of convenient infrastructure.

The solution

Home Refueling Station. HYGEN (HYdraulic GENerator) revolutionized gas compression with it’s patented Multifunction Liquid Piston (MLP) technology. Instead of mechanical compression, MLP technology is used with 95% of its parts mass produced and used for decades. Therefore, it gives our HRS a disruptive price point, reliability and unique value for end user – less than 10 min refueling time.

The value proposition

  • Household design Under 0,25 EUR gasoline liter equivalent total cost of ownership
  • Increase gas conumumption and regulated asset base for gas companies
  • Decrease fuel costs and increses convenience for driver
  • Fast Refueling under 7 min at the home of consumer
  • Low noise level
  • Low electricity consumption

The team

Robert Strods
Project Manager, Investment Banking background and commercial experience. Raised > 30M EUR of funding. Member of CEN/TC 326.

Alex Safronov
Inventor of MLP Technology. International expert and consultant. Convenor of WG CEN / TC 326 / WG6. Committee member of ISO / PC 252 / WG1.

Mario Pirraglia
Ex VP of HYGEN’s rival, FuelMaker corp. Serves on the advisory board of the company


Email: robert@hygengroup.com