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HeliosLite has developed a dual axis tracker based on a new, distributed mechanical and electronic control architecture that permits much lower manufacturing cost, faster installation techniques and also provides a corrective feature for installation imperfections.

The need

To unlock the growth potential of solar energy worldwide, the market needs viable long-term solutions for lowering costs with more reliable and bankable components. The thorough studies carried out at HeliosLite show that: firstly, today’s dual axis trackers do not fully meet these mainstream needs, and secondly, that isolated sites are poorly served by solar solutions.

The solution

HeliosLite CPV Tracker pulleysHeliosLite tracker combines a new, distributed mechanical and electronic architecture with proven linear actuators and cost effective installation techniques. HeliosLite’s tracker has 30% less metal per m² and greater reliability. The in-house control software drives the tracker based on optimal electrical output without the use of costly and unreliable sun sensors.

The value proposition

HeliosLite trackers meet the entry-level performance conditions for the mainstream solar markets and strive to be best available in terms of cost and reliability, with a design lifespan of 20 years and compliant with Eurocodes.  The electronic control system for correcting installation imperfections, optimising power output and early detection of system underperformance, are other distinguishing, added value features. A turnkey PV power station solution makes HeliosLite unique and draws upon the founding partners’ technical and financial competencies.

The team

CEO of HeliosLIteJay Boardman
CEO & Co-Founder

25 years of diversified industries, financial management and negotiation.
Commercial and financing negotiation success with new renewable energy product launches.


Etienne Menard-HeliosliteEtienne Menard
CTO & Co-Founder

10 years of experience in HCPV technology and more than 35 patent applications;
Former co-founder of Semprius Inc, Leader of Advanced R&D with M$ government funded projects.

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