Heat Power


Supercharged steam turbine system for industrial heat and power

Heat Power has developed the Rankine Compression Gas turbine (RCG), which is capable of providing heat and power for industrial processes at highly reduced fuel cost and CO2 emissions.  The RCG system is truly unique, as it is capable of providing both steam and power at fast response times. Its multi-fuel capability allows for application in waste streams, enabling manufacturers to achieve higher resource utilisation, reduced cost of energy and green manufacturing

The need

The competitiveness and environmental impact of heat intensive industrial processes can be much improved by reducing the use of energy. However, efficient and fast responsive co-generation systems are not yet available for small-scale industries. Heat Power satisfies that need

The solution

The novelty of the Rankine Compression Gas turbine (RCG) is, when compared to existing steam cycles, that the steam turbine drives the compressor of the gas turbine cycle. The RCG offers a highly responsive and efficient power and steam production in the range of 1-10MW electric and 3-30MW thermal power

The value proposition

  • Combined steam and electrical power production
  • Flexible decentralised energy supply
  • Multi fuel, crude biomass and waste stream compatibility
  • Black start capability
  • Fuel consumption reduction ranging from 10% to 30%

The team


Henk Ouwerkerk

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, specialised in Energy Technology. Over 10 years of experience in consultancy and prototyping for industrial energy systems.




Tom Huizer

Business development

MSc. in sustainable energy technology and KIC InnoEnergy Master school graduate. Has received entrepreneurship and business management training at ESADE business school.


John F. Kennedylaan 2,
5612 AB Eindhoven