Greenely helps households decrease their energy consumption without the need for any hardware. The company ‘s demand response program minimises utilities’ expenses by decreasing their consumption peaks. In addition, it provides utilities with more extensive information about their customers, allowing them to achieve reach better marketing and trading of electricity.

The need

There is a huge information gap about households’ energy usage today. Repeated efforts have been made trying to solve this with expensive hardware that requires unreasonable costs and complicated installation for the households. Millions of smart meters across the world are being deployed to provide information to the users and the utilities. But the capacity of the smart meters has so far been greatly underutilized since there has not been a service making use of this data. Greenely’s no hardware solution makes sense of all this data and provides utilities and residents with smart analytics.

The solution

Greenely Hand The solution is a mobile application that visualises energy behaviour and usage for residents that does not require hardware at all. This enables energy reduction with 10-15 % in regular households across the globe. It visualises a living tree which deteriorates in pace with increased consumption and vice versa. Households will also be guided along the whole process to decrease their consumption. The news feed provides personalised reports, analysis, messages, warnings if your consumption is abnormally high, and specific tips, advice and energy saving measures for your household.

The app collects the electricity data in smart meters from the utility grid companies together with weather forecasts and household information into our own cloud system. The algorithms calculate the data and provides in-depth analysis of households’ energy consumption and learns personal energy behaviours. Through gamification, in-depth analysis of consumption, big data analytics, as well as comparisons with other households, a service is created in which households can reduce their energy usage without any type of financial investment. We use both money and environmental impact as incentives.


The team

Greenely Tanmoy Bari

Tanmoy Bari, CEO





Greenely Mohammed Al AbassiMohammed Al Abassi, Project Manager





Greenely Fredrik HagblomFredrik Hagblom, Product Manager