Graphene-based nanocomposites for enhanced energy efficiency and product performance.

Graphmatech designs and manufactures novel graphene-based nanocomposites. These composites address key industrial challenges – both technical and environmental – in markets where high electrical- and thermal conductivity, high wear resistance, low friction, or a combination of these, is needed. Examples include thermal management, moving electrical contacts, tribology (the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion), and energy storage.

The need

Heat dissipation, friction and wear cause problems in many industries: more than 50% of all electronic failures are due to poor thermal management and approx. 33% of energy losses in cars are due to friction. Materials that combine high electrical/thermal conductivity with self-cooling and low friction are therefore of great interest.

The solution

Graphmatech has developed graphene-based nanocomposites whose properties can be tailored to many different applications. The clever design of the nanocomposites makes it possible to combine different desired properties in one material.

For improved thermal management, composites can be made thermally conductive and lightweight. For moving electrical contact applications, the new nanocomposites provide contact resistance similar to silver while significantly improving wear resistance. For tribological applications, they can combine self-lubricating, self-cooling and wear-resistant properties.

Products can be made entirely from GraphMaTech materials or, for example, reinforced or coated with them.

Key features include:

  • High thermal and electrical conductivity
  • High wear resistance
  • Light-weight
  • Self-lubricating
  • Self-cooling
  • Can be applied in different forms (powder, coating, additive to a matrix, 3D printing)

The value proposition

Graphmatech combines different, and sometime counteracting, desirable properties in one material allowing, for example, products that require effective cooling to be made smaller, lighter and more efficient.

The materials can be tailored to fit different applications and can be applied in different forms.

As well as increasing product lifetime and/or performance, the company’s graphene-based nanocomposites promote cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manufacturing. Maintenance costs are also reduced.

The team

Mamoun Taher, Founder and CEO

Mamoun Taher holds a PhD degree in the chemistry of interfaces (Tribology) and a double European MSc degree in advanced materials science engineering. Dr. Taher has developed his professional career by working in different international R&D projects between academia and industry.


Björn Lindh, co-founder and CFO

Björn was a former management consultant at Accenture. He has a strong entrepreneurial experience as a founder of iku AB, Solelia Greentech AB, Disruptive Materials AB.



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