Glowee develops a biological source of light, using the bioluminescent properties of marine micro-organisms. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction coded by genes. By enabling bacteria to make light, Glowee offers a living and lighting raw material which is self-sufficient and needs no infrastructures, thus disrupting the way to produce and consume light.

The need

PRODUCT_PICTURE1_GLOWEEBy developing this new source of light, Glowee aims to offer an alternative solution to:
– reduce the 19% share of electricity used in the world to light, which accounts for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and ;
– provide light to people or places which do not have access to electricity.

The solution

PRODUCT_PICTURE2_GLOWEEWe target the retail industry and various actors of the urban landscapes markets, to which we offer different applications based on the use of a natural bioluminescent raw-material, able to depart from current infrastructures to produce a natural light over time.

The value proposition

We offer a smooth, ecological and biological source of light, with a wide potential of use in the retail industry and the urban landscape.

The team


Prior to graduate in industrial design at Strate College, Sandra specialized in the design of interactive products & systems. She worked four years as a self-entrepreneur. To complete her academic background, she joined ESCP Europe where she spent a semester studying entrepreneurship.


Geoffroy graduated from a Bachelor of Private Law at Paris II Assas and the “Grande Ecole” Master of ESCP Europe. He used to work in Corporate Finance (M&A, financial analysis) prior to joining Glowee. He also founded a Fintech startup backed by Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Paris.


Samuel got his PhD in synthetic biology at the University of Friburg. He is a Professor at SupBiotech and the author of many scientific publications. He joined Glowee in April 2015 to be the head of the R&D part of the project.

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