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Willpower – use CO2 to produce your own fuel at home!

Gensoric introduces the first residential power-to-liquid and CO2 usage system. This system empowers individuals to produce their own fuel at home from surrounding resources namely: CO2, H2O and electricity. The core is a patent-protected electro-biocatalytical process technology that converts atmospheric CO2 into methanol. The clean and easy-to-handle energy carrier methanol can be stored and used for heating or electricity generation.

The need

The willpower system addresses the need for decentralized energy storage at mid and small scales. Willpower can store energy for months.

The solution

2016-06-22-gensoric-willpower-SystemWillpower’s aim is to substitute fossil fuel for heating – not only for private house owners. But this is the first strategic market that they are targeting.

The value proposition

The following features provide the highest value for users:

  • Real independence from fossil fuels, allowing users to generate the fuel needed at competitive and non-volatile costs, competitive at 6ct/kWh(natural gas price)
  • Contribute to a CO2-neutral economy – reducing CO2 emissions at home for everyone
  • Store excess renewable energy over days and weeks raise economic viability of (already installed) PV systems

The team


2016-06-22-gensoric-willpower-CEO-Lars KruegerLars Krüger
Lars Krüger is the business manager at Gensoric GmbH studied Industrial engineering and holds an MBA of HHL (Germany) and EADA (Barcelona/ Spain). Lars is alumni of the MIT Sloan School of Management Technology Entrepreneurship Program. He co-founded and has been involved creating, implementing, and verifying the business model for Gensoric GmbH. Lars builds on 10 years professional experiences has gained with Gensoric GmbH in successful turning R&D projects (WK-Potential, HiC@re) into valuable products and services. His main areas of expertise are electrochemical and electrical technologies and devices.

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