Flue Gas Recovery Sweden


The Energy Turbo FGR® - makes your heating even more efficient

Flue Gas Recovery Sweden AB offers a unique technical solution for recovering energy from exhaust gases by reusing waste energy – the Energy Turbo FGR®. This state of the art technology is used to create a cost efficient system, applicable for heating plants sized 100-1000kW. It can be used on any heating system regardless of fuel, as long as hot humid smoke (flue gas) is generated.

Currently, Flue Gas Recovery Sweden is focusing on wood pellet and natural gas/biogas fuels. The Energy Turbo FGR® is offered either as an integrated component of a heating system or stand-alone, mounted on the system’s exhaust pipe. One of its great advantages is that it can easily be used for retrofitting existing systems.

The need

The demand for heating solutions that meet new environmental requirements and legislation is constantly increasing. This need applies to all kinds of heating systems. In addition, the significant amount of unused energy that is currently lost through the exhaust pipes of today’s heating systems needs to be utilised more effectively. Finally, the demand for reducing the costs of heat production is ever present.

The solution

By recovering waste energy, Energy Turbo FGR® enables heat producers to achieve higher utilisation of their investment, reduce cost of fuel and mitigate the tougher requirements following the Paris climate conference agreements.
The patent pending solution increases thermal efficiency by up to 20%, significantly reduces soot particles, and creates usable exhaust gas.
Optimised for 100-1000kW heating systems, it can be used on any heating system producing flue gases, regardless of fuel, as well as for retrofitting existing systems.



The value proposition

Energy Turbo FGR®:
– Reduces cost of fuel,
– Gives quick payback on investment,
– Meets environmental requirements,
– Makes a combined heat and power unit (CHP) even more efficient.

The team

Thomas Gustafsson
CTO and Founder
Mechanical Engineer and serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience and expertise in the heating business. Dedicated to finding the best solution to meet the customer’s needs.

Pernilla Knutas Lundblad
Project Manager and Sales
MSc in Mechanical Engineering with 20 years experience in management and project management positions in product development at large Swedish companies.



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