DC grids for integrating PV, storage and electric vehicles in buildings

Ferroamp has developed the EnergyHub system, comprising products for integrating solar cells, energy storage and electric vehicle-charging in a local DC nanogrid within a building. These innovative products are based on advanced power electronics and result in increased flexibility and safety as well as lower losses. All EnergyHub systems are connected to a cloud portal with live energy data analysis for energy efficiency measures.Ferroamp solution

The need

The energy industry is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Solar cells, energy storage and electric vehicles that were exotic technologies a decade ago are now viewed as mainstream in many markets today. This rapid development calls for future proof systems that can easily adapt to fast changing requirements and integrates them in a cost effective way.

The solution

Ferromps EnergyHub system integrates solar cells, energy storage and electric vehicle-charging on a high voltage DC grid within a building. The system is also connected to a cloud-based energy management system.ferroamp energyhub 2

The value proposition

The EnergyHub system brings several unique advantages:

  • A high voltage DC grid enables a future proof system that can easily be expanded as requirements change.
  • ACE technology reduces grid fees and enables faster EV charging.
  • One-second resolution energy data enables detailed energy analysis tools.
  • Safe and flexible integration of energy storage.

The team

Olof Heyman, CEO
Olof spent most of his professional life at ABB, holding senior management roles within the HVDC group. He joined Ferroamp in 2016 as chairman of the board, before taking the role of CEO. In parallell, he is the CEO of Heyman Power Consulting, focusing on grids for renewables, from micro grids to macro grids.

Björn Jernström, Founder & CTO
M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from KTH, Stockholm. He has previously founded two successful start-ups in the electric power industry, both acquired by industrial buyers.

Mats Karlström, VP Sales & Marketing
30 years experience in international sales and marketing in the electric power industry. He has previously participated in founding five companies and built sales channels and distribution networks both nationally and internationally.

Åke Rehnman, vCTO
25 years experience in the electronics industry, he has previously founded three different companies. He has a long track record of creating numerous products combining embedded systems with power electronics, advanced signal processing and metrology.

Anders Becker, R&D Manager
M.Sc. degree in physics and computer science from Lund University plus 14 years experience, 9 years of which in management positions. He is an experienced leader in agile development and a certified scrum master.

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