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Expektra develops innovative information solutions that improves the physical electricity trading by optimizing the matching of supply and demand, resulting in more efficient energy systems that can tolerate larger shares of renewable electricity production. Expektra provides a new prediction method of electricity demand and intermittent supply, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning with higher precision than conventional methods. 

The need

Increasing shares of renewable power generation makes the challenge of balancing the grid increasingly costly. Predicting the near future electricity consumption and production is an important part of the power utility’s daily operations striking directly at the operating costs.

The solution

Expektra provides a new method to predict the near-term electricity demand and intermittent generation with higher precision than conventional methods which provide substantial cost savings to the power utility. Expektra also develops a market-based platform that enables flexible electricity demand to be used as regulating power.

The value proposition

Expektra Predict is more precise than conventional methods, reducing the need to purchase balancing power and so resulting in substantial cost savings to power utilities. The service is provides as a SaaS (Software as a Service) which allows simple integration, high level of automatization and low administration costs. The method is based on artificial intelligence with machine learning.

The team

Niclas Ehn
Co-founder & CEO
MSc Energy Systems Engineering and BSc Business Studies at Uppsala University. Previously business analyst consultant at FICO. Working experience of business development, software development and QA of IT and communication services.

Gustav Bergman
Co-founder & CTO
MSc Energy Systems Engineering and BSc Technology Studies at Uppsala University. Software development and IT management consultant. Previous experience in business development.

Per Åslund
Director of Sales and Marketing
Per has over 20 years of experience from various positions in i.e. Vattenfall, Fortum, Birka Energi and Bergen Energi as well as a management consultant at Capgemini. Per holds an MSc in Economics.




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