enOware is developing sensors for fluid applications. The main elements include a mobile miniaturised sensor, a read-out and charging bypass, a monitoring portal and a professional validation kit to ensure the integrity of the probe during erection. The first application is geothermal probes. Further applications could be environmental, such as in water systems, in bio-gas or in bio-pharma.

The need

Geothermal probes have no solution for continuously monitoring the internal condition of the probe. In situ monitoring can be used to optimise efficiency of the system as well as monitoring the overall state of the probe, enabling alarms to be triggered in case of malfunction or geological problems.

The solution

enOware offers a miniature pig measurement solution for geothermal probes. By measuring temperature and pressure throughout the system, rather than just input and output with no knowledge of the location, both the state of the probe and location of faults can be localised.

Value proposition

Wireless communication and charging of the fully enclosed measurement pig (20 mm diameter) enables in situ monitoring and measurements. Because of their compact size and geometry, our sensors can be installed at any accessible point of the system without its partial demolition, which can be costly. This enables new instalments without increased planning input. It also enables easy refits in existing probes that can inspect the state of the application and monitor its energy efficiency.

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Emmy-Noether-Straße 17
76351 Karlsruhe

The Team

Karl G. Linder,
Managing Director
Entrepreneur and 25 years experience

Simeon Meier,
Managing Partner
Experienced R+D manager

Philipp Linder,
Managing Partner
Mechatronic and renewables experience

Dr. Roman Zorn,
Managing Partner
Geothermal expert and research experience

Andreas Beaucamp,
Managing Partner
Coach and Business development