Cloud-based software for electricity producers, storage providers & consumers to save or make money

The start-up

Enervalis focuses on 3 markets: Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, Energy-Clever Buildings and Intelligent Micro-/Off-Grids.  Their solutions add intelligence to end-to-end EV propositions, as well as to solar / wind installations, batteries, building energy management systems & grids by integrating these into one intelligent & automated system that can include sun & wind forecasts, the wholesale energy market and added energy security / resilience against intrusion & force majeure events.

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The need

There is a global shift underway towards sustainable energy sources, increased demand for energy supply security and independence from centralistic energy supply models.  Enbaling this transition requires more efficient organisaton & management of all available energy supplies, storage and demands.

The solution




Our cloud-based SMARTPOWER-Suite offers production & consumption forecasting for optimal green-energy utilisation, wholesale energy market integration for the lowest energy purchase cost and extensive interoperability, security, app & user interface layers, which can all be combined as needed.

Value proposition

  • Minimise EV charging costs, maximise EV availability, range & overall user experience
  • Maximise local electrical connection capacity to minimise or avoid costly upgrades
  • Peak-shaving and reduce net operators’ CAPEX into infrastructure maintenance & upgrade
  • Partial or full (micro-/off-grid) independence from the grid or diesel generators
  • Trading energy on the wholesale market or building-to-building



The Team

  • Stefan Lodeweyckx – Founder & CEO
    16 years in high-tech industry / start-ups
  • Frederik Van Goolen – Research & Development
    17 years in hardware, software, architecture
  • Filip Aben – Research & Development
    15 years in software, firmware, architecture
  • Jeroen Elebaut – Research & Development
    9 years in software, certification
  • Anneleen Scholts – Research & Development
    1 year in Web Development
  • Elias Puttemans – Research & Development
    2 years in embedded software
  • Hussain Kazmi – Research & Development
    5 years in data science
  • Tristan Kuijpers – Research & Development
    5 years in mathematics & data science
  • Wendy Adriaens – Business Development
    10 years in sales