Smart sensor solutions for the optimisation of the electric grid.

The start-up

Eneida® develops and delivers especially designed, low cost, low power and robust wireless smart sensor networks, integrated with specific machine learning algorithms and a collaborative software platform. Such networks enable electric utilities to optimise the condition and operation of their critical assets both remotely and online.

The need

Increasing pressure is being placed on the electric grid: the use of renewables, electric vehicles, growing energy demand, regulation and an ageing infrastructure is forcing distribution and transmission network operators to search for new condition monitoring and optimisation solutions, in order to extend asset utilisation, attenuate the need for heavy capital expenditures and to reduce risk, as well as improve energy efficiency, productivity and quality of service.

The solution

Eneida’s highly efficient electric grid optimisation platform, based on an especially designed suite of wireless smart sensor networks, is integrated with specific machine learning algorithms and a collaborative software platform. This helps Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Transmission Network Operators (TNOs) decide when it is optimal to invest, to maintain and to inspect their assets. As the platform detects potential problems in the electric network´s critical assets in real time, the network operators can improve their quality of service, reap energy and operational efficiency gains, improve the assets´ effective life and capacity utilisation, and thus reducing their overall investment needs.

Value proposition

Our unique electric grid optimisation platform integrates especially designed smart sensor networks, inference algorithms and a collaborative software, in order to obtain real time actionable information with a lower total cost of ownership and an explicit learning mechanism for continuously improved recommendations. With Eneida’s solution, DNOs and TNOs can increase their quality of service, their critical assets effective life and capacity utilisation, and their efficiency.


  • E-mail: cpt@eneida.pt
  • Eneida Wireless & Sensors SA, Edif. E – IPN, R. Pedro Nunes, 3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal.

The Team

CPT_photoCarlos Pina Teixeira

Co-founder and CEO

With an Electrical and Computer Engineer Licentiate degree, an MBA, and a double MA, Carlos co-founded and was, for 7 years, the CEO of an instrumentation company for the electric utilities and large process industries. He also worked for 10 years in the telecommunications sector, where he was board member and director of several companies.

José Oliveira_EneidaJosé Oliveira
R&D Manager

José has a Physics Engineer Licentiate degree from University of Coimbra, a MSc in Physics Engineer from University of Aveiro and a PhD in Technological Physics from University of Coimbra.


Marcos Cordeiro_EneidaMarcos Cordeiro
Project Manager

Marcos has a Physics Engineer Licentiate degree and a MSc in Physics Engineer from University of Coimbra.



Flávio Cordeiro_EneidaFlávio Cordeiro
Product Development

Flávio has a Physics Licentiate degree and a MSc in Mathematics from University of Coimbra and was for 4 years a PhD student in Mathematics at Oxford University.