Revolutionary low-cost electricity storage in a hydrogen-bromine flow battery.

The start-up

Elestor has developed flow batteries with an extensive lifespan that store electricity safely and at a fraction of the cost of traditional batteries. The low cost active materials, hydrogen and bromine, combined with a patented and simplified system design have resulted in a storage system that operates at an unrivalled cost level per kWh stored.

The need

Given the unpredictability of sun and wind, finding cost effective means of storing electricity is essential in order to make the world 100% sustainable.

The solution

Elestor Flow Battery

Elestor Flow Battery

The Elestor electricity storage systems are based on hydrogin-bromine flow battery technology. Originally developed in 1961 by NASA, Elestor has matured this technology to enable its use in a wide variety of industrial applications. In comparison to traditional storage technologies, the key to its succes is the ability to store electricity in a extremly cost-effective way.

Value proposition

  • storage costs per kWh 5-10 times lower than incumbent systems
  • modularly scalable, from 50kW up to several MW
  • independent configuration of storage power (kW) and capacity (kWh)
  • no self-discharge when system is idle
  • fast reaction kinetics, resulting in very short response times
  • high accesibility, enabling easy maintenance and upgrades
  • high depth of discharge
  • system lifetime not subject to (dis)charge power
  • ultra high power density



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6812 AR Arnhem
The Netherlands

The Team

elestor wiebrand koutWiebrand Kout – Founder and CTO

15+ years experience in developing innovative electrochemical systems. Began at NedStack Fuel Cell Technology  heading the mechanical design of Europe’s first series-produced PEM fuel cell. Later he served as COO of HyET.