Eco-Tech Ceram

Thermal energy storage solutions using refractory ceramics produced from inorganic industrial waste.

Eco-Tech Ceram develops new eco-efficient, transportable and modular thermal storage solutions. Inorganic secondary raw materials (e.g. industrial waste, such as coal fly ashes) is transformed into refractory ceramics, thus offering a low cost storage material that advantageously targets the “below 1000°C temperatures” heat storage recycling market.

The company proposes commercialising the whole value chain, from material recovery to storage installations, including unit storage manufacturing.

The need

The competitiveness and environmental impact of industries could be improved by reusing the large quantities of wasted energy (fatal heat). Renewables also require performant energy storage solutions (intermittent resources). The need for new thermal storage is huge. ETC provides a scalable and eco-efficient solution.

The solution

The ECOSTOCK thermal storage unit is modular, plug and play, eco-efficient, and low maintenance.

Target applications:

  • Wasted heat (200°C to 1000°C) from heavy industries such as glass, steel, foundry, etc.
  • Overproduction storage from renewable energies.


The value proposition

Below 1000°C, there is currently no economically viable solution. By reusing industrial waste to produce storage material, the ECOSTOCK unit is adapted to waste heat recovery and renewable energy units. It is also inexpensive, plug-and-play, modular, and can promote the development of a circular economy.

For more information, please read the article of the webzine Faites le plein d’avenir (18/02/2016).

The team

Eco Tech CeramAntoine MEFFRE
Doctor, Energy and Process Engineering (UPVD – CNRS)
Founder of Eco-Tech Ceram, having completed his thesis on Thermal Storage at CNRS.



Managing Director
Graduated Engineer (H.E.I.)
More than 30 years experience in international business development, sales and marketing management.

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