E-Stone Batteries


Iron electrodes for low-cost recyclable batteries for e-bikes and solar storage

Nickel-iron batteries for ebikes and solar energy storage produced with active materials that are an excellent substitute for cadmium and metal hydrides in nickel-based batteries.

The need

Low-cost scalable recyclable batteries based on NiCd and NiMH chemistry use expensive materials, most specifically cadmium, which is toxic and prohibited for use in certain applications and areas.

The solution

Innovative fast-charging, nickel-iron batteries.

In using an iron-based anode material, customers have the potential to develop fast-charging nickel-iron batteries at a material low cost, using non-toxic anode materials.

The value proposition

Low-cost, non-toxic anode materials and designed for cell or battery manufacturers, a simple replace system enables easy servicing and extends the lifetime of the recyclable products at a significantly low cost.

The team

thomas_hoofd E-stoneThomas van Dijk, Msc.

After completing a Bachelor in Physics and a Master in Sustainable Energy Thomas became inspired by Thomas Edison, whose nickel-iron batteries ‘lived too long’. For large-scale energy storage, it is vital that materials be widely available and there is no material so widely abundant as iron.






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