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Dracula Technologies has developed LAYER®, Light As Your Energetic Response,
a technology that ensures and boosts the use of connected devices by overcoming energy constraints.

The need

More than 50 billion devices are expected to be connected by 2020.

The solution

In response to this dramatic increase, Dracula Technologies has developed LAYER®, Light As Your Energetic Response, technology that traps light as a means of converting it into energy. An OPV cell manufacturing technique uses digital printing to capture light both outdoors and indoors.

The value proposition

Thanks to these technical characteristics, this technology boosts the usage of connected devices, extending their operating times and simplifying the logistics linked to their energy supply.

The objective is to enable equipment suppliers and manufacturers to provide the energy needed to power their applications and to adapt them to the use of their clients.

The team

Brice Cruchon RBrice Cruchon

Scientist. Through 20 years of professional experience he has acquired expertise in running and guiding Innovation projects. He has worked both in the field of mass consumption products as well as that of industrial activities.


Bernard Calisti R

Bernard Calisti
Innovation Strategy

Professor at the EM-Lyon, CEO and founder of several industrial companies. He has worked for more than 20 years in 5 continents on missions to develop enterprises through innovation.

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Case study

Read and download our case study on Dracula Technologies: See the light with organic photovoltaic energy


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