DCbrain is a Big Data solution dedicated to exploitation and maintenance issues of complex industrial networks (such as gas, water, electricity, logistic,…). We are now used by companies such as ENEDIS, Total, GRDF or SNCF.

Our software is based on graph database models and machine learning tools that can transform raw IoT data into an “internet of streams”. Our approach is to create a digital version of any complex network; through this digital network users can visualise flows, identify anomalies, predict incidents and test the evolution of networks (new clients, volume increases, incidents, etc.). Our solution has a direct impact on exploitation processes and costs, including maintenance and operational costs, engineering costs and energy efficiency.


The need

Our clients are industrials players, networks or infrastructure managers, all of whom are keen to optimise the management of their network. The infrastructure management system currently used by exploitation / engineering teams was created to prevent major risks rather than to optimise flows. In order to do so, therefore, they are presently forced to rely on manual interventions and occasional statistical analyses.

The solution

By using the Graphe database model, we are able to make sense of the billions of measures that derive from any complex network, thus offering an accurate digital version of this network. Our Datamining toolbox is able to detect anomalies, prevent incidents and predict the future evolution of any network.


The value proposition

Our main advantage is in our ability to process and visualise physical flows in real time in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner, and through a “digital network” view. DCbrain offers our users a unique visualisation interface and an effective predictive analysis toolbox that is both easy to implement (in under 2 weeks) and simple to use.

The team

ADMArnaud de Moissac
An Insa & Telecom Paris graduate with 10 years experience working as a data centres operations manager. He has developed 8 patents in this field and launched one previous start-up.

benjamin-de-buttetBenjamin de Buttet

Business developer

ESCP Europe graduate with a business consulting experience within CAC 40 companies

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Email: contact@dcbrain.com



23 avenue d’Italie

75013 Paris



  • Microsoft BizSpark +: we are integrated into the Microsoft BizSpark + program which offers computing capabilities in their servers ($120 000 annual worth).

microsoftArnaud de Moissac presenting DCbrain technology at BizSpark +


We already work with major network operators, including ERDF, GRDF, ID Logistics and Total.
In November 2015, DCbrain won the ERDF Startup Contest (“smart electric Grid”) in the big data category.
In March 2016, we were selected to join Total’s incubation programme, “plant 4.0”.