Daylight Solutions

E-Blinds enables the active control of heat and light in buildings

The Venture

Daylight Solutions develops electrostaticallyactuated blinds to be used in double or triple glazed windows in facades and horizontal roof light systems. These blinds are more effective, easier to use and less prone to defects than traditional sun and warmth shading systems. They actively reduce the need for  artificial cooling, lighting and heating and have no mechanical parts.

The Need

A great deal of energy is used in the cooling, heating and lighting of buildings. Energy that can be reduced if you make better use of the natural sun and shade. At present inadequate shading techniques are used to prevent overheating and energy loss. These techniques are inneficient as they require maintanance and easily suffer defects.

The Solution

Daylight Solutions Product

Daylight Solutions Product

The electrostatically actuated E-Blinds require no maintenance and have hardly any mechanical components, thus being an excellent replacement for current blind systems with pull cords and engines. Through its significant control of light and heat, this system reduces the need for artificial cooling, lighting and heating.


Value Proposition

  • A sustainable solution in for cooling, lighting and heating of buildings.
  • Electrostatic control.
  • No ropes, no motor, no mechanical parts and no maintenance.
  • Reflects the warmth (visible and IR parts) of sunlight in gradiations.
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Ultra-low power usage.
  • Very fast response time.
  • Almost invisible.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Unique aesthetic design.


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The Netherlands

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Daylight Solutions Ed van KampenEd Van Kampen – CFO, founder
Materials Engineer with 12 years’ experience in energy and construction (buildings), product development, project and teams management for groups, SME’s and start-ups.



Daylight Solutions Roald VandepoelRoald Vandepoel – CEO, co-founder
Master in Science at TU Delft Industrial Design. Founder of 3 companies, worked as bussiness developer within research institute TNO. Co-owner of a company  in innovationa and technology valorisation.