Composite Dynamics GmbH

Composite Dynamics develops, produces and sells sports and business boats with an integrated active hydrodynamic foil system. This is designed as a combination of an electronic controlled retraction mechanism and an adaptive composite wing technology. The purpose is to lift the vessel out of the water and to adjust to various cruising situations automatically. The result is an agile boat with outstanding dynamic performance and low power consumption due to the low water resistance of the hydrofoils.

The need

Like on other transports, customers of vessels also aim for clean concepts (less noise and pollution) and lower consumption (fuel costs). The clean image has intruded almost every niche. There is a strong demand to reduce power consumption by keeping or even rising overall performance of a craft.


The solution

Hydrofoils are a very efficient solution to reduce power consumption of vessels. With special help of our self-developed electronic controlled hydrodynamic foil system, a reduction in power consumption by 50 % to 70 % can be realized without any restrictions in usage of the boat.Composite-Dynamics_SeaCarver_Mood_4Sitzer_Strand

The Value proposition

This hydrodynamic foil system is electronically controlled and has adaptive composite foils to achieve agile and dynamic driving characteristics in any situation. High efficient combustion or electric outboard engines are used to reduce emissions additionally.

It is designed to register as a standard boat.

The patent (pending) can be licensed to other manufacturers and the adaptive composite technology can be transferred to other markets (aerospace, automotive).

Dr. Peter Schnauffer
Franz von Sickingenstr. 61
D – 75038 Oberderdingen

 The Team

PeterSchnauffer_Composite-DynamicsDr.-Ing. Peter Schnauffer
Founder and CEO
Ph.D. and degree in Aerospace Engineering with 20 years of experience in aircraft and boat building, plant engineering and production for composite products, researcher at the University of Stuttgart.


Oliver Schweizer
Head of Styling/Design
Degree in Product Design, Oliver has more than 20 years of experience. Since 2000 he has been running his own bespoke design studio with automobile and industrial clients including water sports products.

Michael Thanner
Electronics Development
Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Michael is an expert in electronic control devices especially for airborne applications and watercrafts.

Marcus Schwab
Technology Development and Production
Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Marcus is an expert in composite design, processes and production facilities.

Markus Strube
Business Development
Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Markus is an expert in interims management and business development.