Cereus Technology

Novel Fuel Injection Technology for Internal Combustion Engines

The start-up

Cereus Technology provides fuel injection technology, referred to as HICI, that improves the combustion process inside the combustion chambers of engines, thereby reducing the fuel consumption and eliminating the formation of particulate matter (PM) and NOx. HICI fuel injectors can be (retro-)fitted in any  existing internal combustion engine.

The need

There is global consensus about the need to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and to reduce the emissions of CO2, PM and NOx.

The Solution

Rotovane-tipThe HICI solution comprises rotating fuel injectors which ensure complete combustion by creating a homogeneous fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber of engines.

Value Proposition

  • At least 25% reduction in fuel consumption and hence in CO2
  • Prevention of PM formation and PM emission. No PM/soot filters required anymore.
  • Prevention of NOx formation and emission.



Rene Prop Cereus

René Prop

Rob van der Jagt

Rob van der Jagt

Tjeerd Ijsselstein

Tjeerd Ijsselstein








Cereus Technology’s team consists of three experienced professionals with complementary knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship, combustion engine technology, intellectual property, management and finance.