C2c New Cap


Hybrid supercapacitors for high-efficiency energy storage.

The start-up

C2C-NewCap brings a new hybrid supercapacitor to the energy storage and energy conversion market. This new device is assembled in a hybrid configuration, having a highly capacitive electrode paired with an electrostatic one. The product is an energy storage device that operates safely and highly efficiently in tough environments. The unitary cell of this product can be fabricated in different shapes and sizes, and also combined with other cells to fit the myriad of applications in demand.

The need

The market for energy storage craves devices with higher efficiency, higher power and energy density that have a longer lifespan, can operate safely and at a lower cost. These are the most important variables of competitiveness among all the energy storage devices on offer, and these are the variables that need to be taken into account to beat the competition, in both serving market needs and providing more possibilities to that market.

The solution

C2C-NewCap has developed a product highly competitive in price, fabricated by a simple process and by non-expensive materials it also offers a higher power density, longer life cycle and safety operations when compared to batteries. This innovative product can operate together with battery systems or, in some cases, can replace them completely.

Value proposition

Benefits to the customer include safety to the overall operation, higher energy efficiency and improved lifespan, all of which translate into lower operational costs.


C2C-NewCap has an ongoing collaboration with Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, and important players in the energy market.


  • E-mail: andre.maodeferro@c2cnewcap.com, rui.silva@c2cnewcap.com
  • Address: Taguspark, Avenida Jacques Delors, Edifício Inovação II, 411, 2740-122, Oeiras, Portugal.

The Team

andre-mao-de-ferroAndré Mão de Ferro

Executive Manager

André Mão de Ferro has developed his professional career in fundamental and applied R&D in the area of chemical engineering for 3 years.

rui-pedroRui Silva

Executive Manager

Rui Silva has developed his career in the car manufacturing industry for 2 years, and in applied R&D in the energy sector where he had the opportunity to work on the development of the technology behind C2C-NewCap.