BeOn energy

The BeON Microinverter plugs in to a wall socket like a house appliance, enabling a PV system to become DIY and changing the way we think about the solar business.



The start-up

The BeON microinverter is a device that allows any PV panel to be connected directly to an ordinary wall socket, safely and easily. This means solar systems can be sold anywhere and as cheaply as DIY kits, lowering €/W costs significantly and engaging people directly in renewable technologies. The BeON microinverter is a technology marvel: the most reliable piece of electronics commercially available, it has a 25-year warranty and a zero failure rate in 10.000 units sold.

The need

With the end to feed-in tariffs, the race is on to come up with new solutions to keep PV alive. In addition to the need for low-cost PV panels, there is also a requirement to lower the costs of the distributed installed systems and the energy produced as a means of compensating for ever-increasing electricity prices.

The solution

The BeON microinverter has already proven itself a successful solution, rehabilitating the solar business in Portugal in 2015 with a self-consumption DIY model that allows people to assemble their own PV systems and use all the energy they produce. Drastically lowering the cost of locally produced energy to less than half of what the electric grid operator offers, this solution has brought hundreds of solar companies in Portugal back to business, as well as opening up new business opportunities for forward-thinking large grid operators, providing them with an opportunity to join the self-consumption business.

Value proposition

BeON is the only microinverter company focused on a DIY solution. BeON microinverters have the longest guarantee in the world, lowering the cost of the energy produced for a 25-year warranty period. Furthermore, in implementing advanced failure-proof systems and materials, a proud record of zero unit failures in 10.000 units sold has been achieved.


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  • Address: R. Actriz Palmira Bastos Lt 102, Lisbon, Portugal.

The Team

Rui Rodrigues


PhD studies in electronics production, master in electrical engineering. Working for 10 years in the solar business.


jose-marcalJosé Marçal


PhD studies in control systems, Master in electric engineering. Working for 5 years in R&D team management.