Beedata Analytics S.L.

Customer engagement and business intelligence tools for Energy retail and distribution small and medium companies.

The start-up

Beedata tools drive insights through every customer channel to improve energy awareness, deepen relationships and enhance the productivity of sales and service teams.

The need

Develop new products to meet the customers’ specific needs. Reduce internal costs and take better business decisions, based on insights of data treatment.

The solution

It offers a point of differentiation allowing end users to add value to their energy consumption. The solution provided is an open source platform based on big data analytics offering: (i) useful information to help meet the needs of clients at the right time through tips, insights and energy reports;(ii) analytic support to energy retail companies’ smart call centers; (iii) business intelligence for reducing costs of customer support services and increasing the ability to sell more effectively through big data analytics and multichannel.

Value proposition

Beedata is a cost-effective solution as it can be cost inhibiting for customers to replicate big data analytics and digital user engagement strategies, which can be integrated into all existing ERP, CRM and database systems.

It also offers:

– A high level of data analytics to cover both customer information needs, cross-selling and internal business intelligence needs.

– Big data and massive treatment of all type of clients, granularity and different nature of data (scalability).

– Integrated tool and support services for the whole process of user engagement (storytelling, multichannel, analytics, communication).


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The Team


 Xavier CiprianoCEO

Experience in energy saving measures.

Daniel Pérez

Chief Technology Officer

Experience in big data analytic tools for energy awareness.


Josep Mayós


Experience in energy efficiency and systems.