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Atawey designs and manufactures hydrogen recharging stations for the hydrogen mobility business (bikes and cars) with a focus on stations with (or without) on-site hydrogen production for small fleet of vehicles (up to 20 cars and tens of bicycles). Pioneer in the hydrogen energy solutions for off grid areas, Atawey designs and sells solutions to guarantee continuous energy supply all the year-long couple to renewable energy.


The need

Cities, rural and touristic areas, companies which want to initiate the hydrogen mobility on their territories or to further develop their hydrogen recharging stations grid in parallel to large hydrogen stations. Off-grid applications such as telecom antenna, islands, protected natural areas…where continuous energy supply is key. Atawey’s hydrogen solutions ensure available green energy anytime where batteries solutions may have energy shortages and diesel generators high carbon footprint.

The solution

ATAWEY’s product is a turnkey package comprising a (daily) short-term storage system based on batteries, and a (annual) long-term storage system based on a complete hydrogen chain. The ATAWEY system converts excess renewable power into hydrogen and stores it for months. The hydrogen can then be converted back into power upon demand. The whole unit is integrated in a closed and sealed metal envelope, which allows it to be installed easily outdoors, even in hostile environments.

The value proposition

Simple, reliable, clean and safe hydrogen energy solutions. For the mobility sector, Atawey offer solutions enabling carbon-free hydrogen mobility thanks to onsite hydrogen production (water electrolysis technology). For off-grid applications, we bring 100% renewable energy anytime, anywhere at competitive prices compared to standard solutions with high carbon footprint (diesel generators).

The team

JM AmaréJean-Michel Amaré

Engineer. 15 years experience as Maintenance, Industrialisation and Production Director working in the food, pharmacy and cosmetics industries.



pierre-jean-bonnefondPierre-Jean Bonnefond

Engineer. 17 years experience as Project and Technical Manager working in industry.

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Phone: +33 (0)4 57 36 40 33


Bâtiment Lama – BP 20335
17, Avenue du Lac Léman
73377 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex

Market segments

Off-grid applications (telecom, tv/radio broadcast, islands, protected natural areas).
Hydrogen mobility sector (recharging stations for hydrogen vehicles)