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Biogaz treatment, purification, valorisation

Arol Energy is specialised in gas processing and renewable energy production, project management and turnkey engineering design (standardised design or design adapted to the customer’s needs), on-site construction and installation, and plant commissioning and maintenance.

Arol Energy has developed an innovative business model based on:

  • “Turnkey solutions” (the concept of “black box”), addressing both the economical and technical issues of a customer
  • the capabilities required to address the three “conversion” segments (electricity, gas injection, biofuel)

The need

Current biogas producers experience uncertainty in their expected return when investing in technical solutions to transform biomass into energy resources.

The solution

Arol Energy offers complete technical solutions that enable biogas producers to reduce their environmental impact and improve their overall financial return, by reducing energy consumption and total costs over the life-time of the project.


AE-AMINE is a purification unit to transform raw biogas to biomethane based on a proprietary solution and world wide technology exclusivity. Adapted to biogas flow between 400 and 2000 Nm3/h.



AE-ACCOR is a system dedicated to siloxanes and VOC removal from biogas from urban wastes. Adapted to biogas flow between 250 and 2000 Nm3/h.

The value proposition

AE-AMINE: Overall EBIT improvement for customer by 15 to 50% depending the country of application

AE-ACCOR: siloxanes and VOC removal cost reduced by 25 to 60%


The team

David Bossan-Arol EnergyDavid Bossan

Founder and Manager Director
Solid experience in the management of small and medium-sized companies.
Specialised in engineering and environmental sectors, he is competent in diverse roles in management, commercial and technical projects.


Sander ReijerkerkSander Reijerkerk

Holding a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering at Arol Energy.
He is responsible for all of the scientific and technical aspects of Arol’s R&D and industrialization projects in the areas of purification and energy use of biogas undertaken with our industrial and research laboratory partners.

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