Aplicaciones Renovables Integradas SL (Ari Solar)


A new design for solar heliostats allowing to reduce the cost of energy production.

The start-up

ARI Solar is a design engineering company that helps solar renewable energy projects reduce investment and operating costs through a new heliostat field design. The heliostat field consists of trackers with mounted mirrors that focus on a tower as a means of producing energy. This system enables us to reduce the cost of renewable energy production by at least 20%.

Since its founding, ARI Solar has been active in more than 25 countries in 5 continents, taking part in projects which have generated up to 1 GW of power. This has provided ARI Solar with a thorough knowledge of the energy market, including the latest technologies, participating companies, interested institutions and future trends.

The need

The main problem in the field of concentrated solar power is that the cost of electricity still exceeds the cost of competitive energy sources in the majority of cases.

The solution

This solution consists of a new heliostat kinematic that adds special features to the product.

Value proposition

  • The heliostat is the core of a heliostat field. It is the unitary element that enables a field’s design goals to be reached; that is, the maximum concentration of energy possible with the highest efficiency and control at receiver.
  • The ARI Solar patented solution (“Ariostato”) represents a qualitative leap in the heliostat design field.
  • Ariostato increases heliostat field efficiency and reduces heliostat numbers; reducing the cost of control, actuators and structure, and therefore simplifying the operating and maintenance costs to obtain a reduced levelised cost of energy (LCOE).


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  • Telephone: +34 95 541 29 70.
  • E-Mail: info@ari-solar.es.
  • Address: Arquitectura nº1 Building 6, floor 8, Door 1, 41015. Sevilla


The Team


Pedro is an aeronautical engineer and MBA executive.  He has 15 years´experiencie in business lines and project management in the energy field.

Founding member

Emilio is an aeronautical engineer with 15 years´ experiencie in aircrafts systems multimedia training, project management in the energy field and civil engineering.


Founding member

Pedro is a civil engineer and MBA executive with 10 years´ experience  in group management and construction manager.


Founding member

Julian is an aeronautical engineer and software developer with 14 years of international experience  in several companies. He worked as a I+D+I department director in the electricity field and as an estructural engineer in the aeronautical sector.