Technology Area: Energy from chemical fuels


Capture and concentrate (ambient) CO2 at low prices for direct use and production of fuels and chemicals, using solar or wind energy

Antecy provides technology to harvest CO2 and water from ambient air and/or flue gases in a cost-effective way, powered by renewable energy. The venture developed a solid sorbent that can capture and concentrate CO2 at 80°C, allowing the process to be efficiently integrated in many (petro)chemical processes.

The need

CO2 is an often-used commodity in horticulture, for the production of chemicals and liquid fuels… Until now, the production of CO2 was very energy consuming, needing temperatures over 80°C to extract it from the air. Also, it typically needs to be transported from a factory to the site of use.

The solution

As CO2 capture is a temperature swing process, a lot of energy can be saved when the desorbing can be done at low heat. The crucial temperature being at 80°C, Antecy developed a solid sorbent that can extract CO2 out of the air at 80°C max. The energy that is still needed to produce, can be supplied by renewable energy sources. Since the Antecy process extracts CO2 out of ambient air, it also enables the CO2 to be produced on-site, cutting out the transport as well.

The value proposition

  • save money & energy on the production of CO2
  • produce CO2 on-site and save costs on transport of CO2
  • create COout of ambient air and flue gases

The team

Paul O’Connor – Director
Paul is an expert in heavy oil conversion processes and refining catalysts. He worked several years for companies such as Shell, Akzo & Albe Marle. Founded BIOeCON in 2006, a company  focused on the economic conversion of biomass to renewable fuels, later in 2010 he became co-founder of Antecy, to create the technology to convert solar and CO2 from the atmosphere directly into liquid fuels and/or chemicals, the logical next step in his eyes.

Sasa Marinic – Director
Sasa studied law at the University of Maastricht. In 2006, he joined Paul’s BIOeCON as a legal and IP advisor. Together with Paul O’Connor he founded Antecy in 2010, working on the conversion of solar energy and CO2 from the atmosphere into liquid fuels.

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