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AmbiBox GmbH develops power electronics and software for energy systems in buildings and for industrial use. The team, with a profound knowledge in these areas, provides revolutionary solutions for electrical systems. For micro-grids they invented a unique DCDCFlowTM technology so that they can be operated with reduced power losses and without using the conventional electrical grid.

The need

The vast increase of electric energy consumption and costs triggers worldwide energy efficiency efforts. One of the upcoming major challenges is the reduction of conversation losses resulting from DC-devices operating in the conventional AC-grid.

The solution

AmbiBox enables plug’n’play connections of various DC-components and regulates the energy flow in between fully automatically. As a result the DCDCFlowTM technology helps saving up to 10% of energy due to the avoidance of AC-DC conversation.

The value proposition

AmbiBox fulfils customers’ needs in two respects. On the one hand the new technology helps saving energy and investment costs while on the other hand it increases the comfort by stabilising the performance and energy supply.

The team

Manfred_Przybilla_AmbiBox_GmbHManfred Przybilla
CEO | Founder
Degree in mechanical and electronic engineering, he developed his professional career in the automotive industry for 10 years and renewables for 4 years. Manfred is leading his 2nd start-up.


Gabriel Meurer
Degree in business administration, started his professional career in the infrastructure industry. More than 10 years experience as CEO/CFO in the renewable energy sector. Start-up experience in 5 companies.

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