Sustainable high energy density cathode material for stationary storage solutions

Altris produces a high energy density cathode material for rechargeable batteries via a low-cost production method using only abundant elements. The material is a drop-in solution that readily works with existing technologies, which thus enables the rapid adoption of a truly sustainable rechargeable battery for stationary energy storage applications.

The need

The battery production industry has a need for low-cost, sustainable electrode materials that are free from nickel, cobalt and lithium. Furthermore, batteries capable of low temperature performance are in strong demand.

The solution

Altris has a patented solution for producing a practical cathode material for sodium batteries that is free from nickel, cobalt and lithium. Its elements – sodium, iron, carbon and nitrogen – are accessible, economical and pose no health or environmental hazard. The production process runs at low temperatures and pressures, saving both energy and raw materials. Unlike lithium ion batteries which generally fail below 0°C, the new material enables reliable sub-zero performance.

The value proposition

The company’s high energy density cathode material is one of the few electrode materials that is truly eco-friendly and comprises entirely abundant elements. It is low-cost, non-toxic, operates at low temperatures and its cost-effective, equally eco-friendly manufacturing process can be incorporated into existing battery-plants with no modifications to existing equipment. Batteries constructed with this material can be safely transported in a discharged state.

The team


Paul Larsson, CEO

Mechanical engineer. Paul has worked as a manager and CEO in industrial companies within manufacturing and sales.



Reza Younesi, Technical development

Associate Professor in Chemistry. Reza has developed his career in rechargeable batteries, including different types of lithium and sodium-based batteries, for eight years.




Ronnie Mogensen, Technical development

Chemical engineer and PhD student working with sodium-ion batteries. Co-founder of Altris.




William Brant, Research and Development

Materials scientist and Associate Professor at Uppsala University. William has been performing research on energy-related materials for the past eight years. Previous experience collaborating with Start-Up companies.



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