High efficiency cold power generation

Solutions for production and distribution of artificial snow with low CO2 footprint and low weather dependance.

The need

Climatic changes and customers needs impose to rethink the cold power generation in order to minimize energy consumptions and related CO2 footprint. One of the axis of improvement is to highly increase efficiency of such thermal convertors.

The solution

SNOW FARM X, developped and produced by ALPINOV X, is an artificial snow maker with high efficiency and low weather dependance. The promisses of such equipments are to allow ski resort operators to operate their activities without taking in account weather incidences and to achieve it with reasonnable costs (CAPEX and OPEX).

The value proposition

  • Ski resort operations extended (opening days)
  • Ski resort turnover consolidated
  • Decrease of CO2 footprint linked to ski resort operations

The team

Thomas Vinard, CEO
Jérôme Girard, R&D Manager
Sébastien Bur, Product Manager



112, Cours Berriat
38000 Grenoble – France