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Agronergy provides heating services to buildings; the heat is produced from recycling agricultural left-over, mainly cereals. We target medium-size customers like collective housing, schools, office blocks… Our solution is integrated, innovative, economical and ecological.

The need

Almost 85% of the energy consumed in France comes from non-renewable energy sources, which contributes to its expense. Three basic requirements appeared when confronting this situation: the better control and reduction of energy expenditure from heating, the reduction of C02 emissions by using a renewable energy source, and the need for a technical solution that was easy to understand and failsafe.

The solution


Agronergy makes one global offer to its customers: renewable heat based on the installation of poly-fuel boilers, biomass agro-pellets that can be used as fuel, and audit and maintenance services that are customised to each specific need.

The value proposition

Agronergy has developed a turnkey solution to supply renewable heat.This comes at no extra cost for the user, as there is no initial investment. What’s more, there is no environmental impact, since it is a complete process based on recycling agricultural waste.

The team

Stephane VImage1idaillet

Co-Founder and CEO

Graduated from HEC Paris, has 15 years experience with various technical and financial functions in innovative SMEs. He created three companies successfully and initiated the Agronergy project.

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